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Meet Our Missionaries

Eric and Carol Peterson, Wycliffe Bible Translators, JAARS Missionary of the Week, March 29 - April 5
Eric and Carol Peterson
Wycliffe Bible Translators, JAARS - Waxhaw, NC
The Petersons serve at the JAARS Center in Waxhaw. Eric is the airport manager there.
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Philip and Hallie Allen, Campus Crusade for Christ Philip and Hallie Allen
Campus Crusade for Christ - Orlando, FL
Philip and Hallie serve at Campus Crusade for Christ International world headquarters. Philip serves within the JESUS Film Project while Hallie serves in the US Office of Development.
Laura Armitage, SIM Laura Armitage
SIM - Niger
Laura is teaching ESL to university students in Niger, West Africa.
John and Jennifer Balmer, Training Pastors International John and Jennifer Balmer
Training Pastors International - Lynchburg, VA
The Balmers conduct training seminars in Africa for national pastors in theology, preaching, discipleship, and leadership to help them develop local churches.
James and Jennifer Bodolosky, Mission Aviation Repair Center James and Jennifer Bodolosky
Mission Aviation Repair Center - Alaska
The Bodoloskys use aviation to bring the hope of Jesus Christ to people in remote native Alaskan villages that are completely off the road system and otherwise unaccessible.
Brian and Yoko Broaddus, Pioneers Brian and Yoko Broaddus
Pioneers - Fukuoka, Japan
The Broaddus family serves as missionary team leaders in Kurume City, Japan.
Daryl and Marlene Bussert, Wycliffe Bible Translators, JAARS Daryl and Marlene Bussert
Wycliffe Bible Translators, JAARS - Waxhaw, NC
Daryl serves as the SIL Director of International Aviation Safety with Wycliffe/JAARS. Marlene assists him in monitoring and promoting mission aviation safety worldwide, not only with JAARS, but other missions as well. They are headquartered in Waxhaw, NC
Glenn and Fern Byerly, African Bible College - Retired Glenn and Fern Byerly
African Bible College - Retired - Greensboro, NC
Glenn & Fern Byerly have retired from teaching at the African Bible College in Lilongwe, Malawi.
George and Kathy Cail, SIM George and Kathy Cail
SIM - Waxhaw, NC
George leads the Curriculum Department of TEN3, an educational initiative for churches in Africa and the Caribbean. Kathy serves in Member Care at SIM and counsels at Charlotte’s Pregnancy Care Center.
Grant and Regina Cail, Project Amazon Grant and Regina Cail
Project Amazon - Manaus, AM, Brazil
Using health clinics and water filters to reach thousands along the Amazon basin in the interior of Brazil, the Cails share “living water” with nationals and plant churches through cell groups.
Jim and Marilyn Cail, SIM – Retired Jim and Marilyn Cail
SIM – Retired - Waxhaw, NC
Serving in missions since 1952, the Cails are now retired with SIM.
Julio and Olga Chiang, South America Mission Julio and Olga Chiang
South America Mission - Pucallpa, Peru
Julio and Olga are currently serving at South America Mission headquarters in Fort Mill, SC. They are developing and promoting church planting plans and city initiatives for South America.
Gordon and Leslie Christian, Wycliffe Bible Translators – Retired Gordon and Leslie Christian
Wycliffe Bible Translators – Retired - Texas
The Christians have retired from full-time service and now live in Texas.
David and April Cousens, Avant Ministries David and April Cousens
Avant Ministries
Dave and April Cousens joined the Calvary missionary family in fall of 2014. The are currently in French language school and preparing to serve in Mali.
Ron and Ruth Durie, Wycliffe Bible Translators, JAARS Ron and Ruth Durie
Wycliffe Bible Translators, JAARS - Waxhaw, NC
Supporting Bible translators around the world, Ron works as the Avionics Technician and Ruth provides services for translation projects, missionaries and visitors at the JAARS center.
Tim and Bethany Ely, United World Mission Tim and Bethany Ely
United World Mission - Germany
Tim and Bethany Ely joined the Calvary missionary family in October of 2014. They are serving in Bonn, Germany as church planters.
Bill and Maggie Farmer, SIM Bill and Maggie Farmer
SIM - Waxhaw, NC
After many years of planting churches among the Navajo and Carrier people groups, the Farmers now serve in cross-cultural ministry through SIM’s Culture ConneXions and Calvary’s ESL program.
Doug and Rachel Flaherty, InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, UNC-A Doug and Rachel Flaherty
InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, UNC-A - Asheville, NC
Doug and Rachel minister to the college students at UNC-Asheville through InterVarsity.
Tony and Leila Frank, World Team Tony and Leila Frank
World Team - Brazil
Tony and Leila are beginning a new assignment in Brazil as church planters in September 2014..
Kurt and Jennifer Freeman, Avant Ministries Kurt and Jennifer Freeman
Avant Ministries - Poland
As Calvary's newest supported missionaries, the Freemans begin their missionary as church planters  in Poland.
Gerry and Nancy Gardner, Wycliffe Bible Translators, JAARS, Retired Gerry and Nancy Gardner
Wycliffe Bible Translators, JAARS, Retired - Waxhaw, NC
The Gardners support Bible translators by providing aviation transportation service, missionary pilot training, and Human Resources at JAARS.
Mike and Garet Gatawa, New Tribes Mission Mike and Garet Gatawa
New Tribes Mission - Ifugao, Philippines
Garet and Michael provide leadership and administration for the NTM Ifugao Project in the Philippines, serving in numerous churches and public school VBS programs.
Allan and Francine Graham, World Bridge Ministries, Inc. Allan and Francine Graham
World Bridge Ministries, Inc. - Kennesaw, GA
The Grahams mobilize churches to personalize world missions through seminars, short-term trips, missions conferences, and consultation work.
Joel and Luda Graham, World Team Joel and Luda Graham
World Team - Petrozavodsk, Russia
As church planters, Joel and Luda train Russian home group leaders and equip the believers in evangelism and discipleship.
Shirley Gray, New Tribes - Retired Shirley Gray
New Tribes - Retired - Greenville, SC
Shirley is retired from many years of service in the Philippines.
Lynn and Sylvia Haines, SIM Lynn and Sylvia Haines
SIM - Fort Mill, SC
Lynn and Sylvia Haines serve with SIM, as a non-resident RAC Field Director and as a consultant for Culture ConneXions USA
Ron and Pat Hamilton, United Ministries Fellowship Ron and Pat Hamilton
United Ministries Fellowship - Arivaca, AZ
Serving as church planters in remote areas of Arizona and Mexico since 1986, Ron also teaches at the seminary in Nogales, Sonora.
Jody Hanford, Campus Crusade for Christ/CRU Jody Hanford
Campus Crusade for Christ/CRU - Costa Mesa, CA
Jody serves with Campus Crusade for Christ/CRU on various Los Angeles campuses and manages overseas outreach teams.
Philip and Natalie Hansen, New Tribes Mission Philip and Natalie Hansen
New Tribes Mission - Papua New Guinea
After their recent wedding and furlough, Philip and Natalie will return to Papua New Guinea in the spring.
Bill and Betty Harding, SIM - Retired Bill and Betty Harding
SIM - Retired - Charlotte, NC
Now retired after serving since 1954 in Ethiopia, Bill serves on various missions commmittees at Calvary and speaks frequently to groups about missions.
Bill and Grace Harding, SIM Bill and Grace Harding
SIM - Waxhaw, NC
Using their years of experience in Ethiopia, Bill and Grace are involved in motivating and mobilizing the church in North America toward knowing Christ and making Him known throughtout the world through the work of cross-cultural missions.
Joe and Kay Harding, SIM Joe and Kay Harding
SIM - Matthews, NC
Joe and Kay continue to develop partnerships among churches and individuals for SIM's global projects and spearheading Vision Trips worldwide.
Steve and Tami Harrington, Greater Europe Mission Steve and Tami Harrington
Greater Europe Mission - London, England
Steve and Tami Harrington joined Calvary's missionary family in January 2015.
Benjamin and Janis Hlastan, United World Mission Benjamin and Janis Hlastan
United World Mission - Slovenj Gradec, Slovenia
Ben and Janis serve as church planters in the region of Slovenia known as Koroska.
Liz Howard, SIM Liz Howard
SIM - Charlotte, NC
After 33 years with SIM International, Liz joined the USA Member Care Team where she ministers to over 120 MK/missionary kids who are students at 72 universities.
Steve and Mary Ann Hunter, World Radio Missionary Fellowship – Retired Steve and Mary Ann Hunter
World Radio Missionary Fellowship – Retired - Ballwin, MO
Steve and Mary Ann served with World Radio Missionary Fellowship HCJB for over 50 years. He is a charter member of Calvary Church.
Martin and Sharon Huyett, Wycliffe Associates Martin and Sharon Huyett
Wycliffe Associates - Burlington, WI
Martin & Sharon have served with Wycliffe Bible Translators since 1970. Martin is now Associate Director of Aramaic Bible Translation.
Phil and Peggy Janofski, Wycliffe Bible Translators, JAARS Phil and Peggy Janofski
Wycliffe Bible Translators, JAARS - Waxhaw, NC
Utilizing their experiences in a primitive culture in Indonesia, the Janofskis prepare others for overseas ministry and offer leadership training resources to department managers.
Keith and Rachel Keller, United World Mission Keith and Rachel Keller
United World Mission - Prague, Czech Republic
The Kellers are team leaders evangelizing the lost in the Czech Republic.
Doug and Alleene Kracht, World Team Doug and Alleene Kracht
World Team - Columbia, SC
Alleene and Doug Kracht serve with World Team, Inc. and are veterans of several overseas settings: Jamaica (1972), Spain (1984) and presently, Cuba. 
Leo and Anne Lance, Wycliffe Bible Translators – Retired Leo and Anne Lance
Wycliffe Bible Translators – Retired - Indian Land, SC
Retired after 50 years of service mostly in Peru, Leo and Anne still have contact with leaders there.
Philip & Vina Le Roux, New Tribes Mission Philip & Vina Le Roux
New Tribes Mission - Philippines
Philip and Vina are church planters serving the Lord on the tiny island of Agutaya. They work amongst tribal groups bringing the Good News in their native tongue.
Art and Kathleen Lightbody, Wycliffe Bible Translators, JAARS Art and Kathleen Lightbody
Wycliffe Bible Translators, JAARS - Waxhaw, NC
Art works as the HR Liaison for the Americas Area. Kathleen assists missionaries with ministry budgets and helps them with emergency needs as the Human Resources Financial Liaison.
Ed and Charlotte Lochstampfor, SIM – Retired Ed and Charlotte Lochstampfor
SIM – Retired - Columbia, SC
The Lochstamphors minister to students at Columbia International University and help many determine what God wants to do through them.
Jon & Joni McGinnis, ABWE Jon & Joni McGinnis
ABWE - Costa Rica
Jon and Joni are church planters in Costa Rica.
Bob and Sandy McKee, Godspeed Services Bob and Sandy McKee
Godspeed Services - Columbia, SC
The McKees will develop a respite center for missionaries and serve as hosts there.
Boniface and Millicent Msaswa, Bible Translation and Literacy Boniface and Millicent Msaswa
Bible Translation and Literacy - Mfangano Island, Kenya
Boniface works with the Suba translation team to share the written Word and promote literacy on Mfangano Island.
Terrill and Roselyn Nelson, SIM Terrill and Roselyn Nelson
SIM - Malaysia
Terrill and Roselyn Nelson are part of an international staff training new Asian missionaries.
Joshua and Carol Ngunta, SIM Joshua and Carol Ngunta
SIM - Summerville, SC
Joshua and Carol serve as church planters in Mali.
Bill and Lennie Ogden, South America Mission Bill and Lennie Ogden
South America Mission - Fort Mill, SC
Bill is Director of Operations for South America Mission.
Kirk and Emily Ogden, South America Mission Kirk and Emily Ogden
South America Mission - Fort Mill, SC
As Executive Director of SAM, Kirk continues to develop national leaders, encouraging a vibrant relationship with Jesus Christ to mobilize South Americans in missions work.
Alice Ott, Wycliffe Bible Translators Alice Ott
Wycliffe Bible Translators - JAARS, Waxhaw, NC
Alice is the Human Resources Coordinator for Wycliffe Americas area.
Steve and Debbie Ottaviano, Wycliffe Bible Translators Steve and Debbie Ottaviano
Wycliffe Bible Translators - Tanzania
The Ottavianos began an aviation partnership between Wycliffe and MAF to serve Bible translators, missionaries, and church leaders.
Jeff and Robin Owens, World Team Jeff and Robin Owens
World Team - Republic of Moldova
Jeff and Robin train and equip national pastors as church planters throughout Moldova.
Josh and Rosy Peterson, SIM Josh and Rosy Peterson
SIM - Uruguay
Josh and Rosy are serving with children, youth and university students in Montevideo, the capital of Uruguay.
Robert and Bintou Peterson, Wycliffe Bible Translators Robert and Bintou Peterson
Wycliffe Bible Translators - Bongolo Hospital, Lebamba, Gabon
Rob and Bintou serve with Wycliffe in Africa, currently based at Bongolo Hospital in Gabon.
Tom and Margaret Petty, Greater Europe Mission – Retired Tom and Margaret Petty
Greater Europe Mission – Retired - Greensboro, NC
Tom was the Regional Director for southern Europe for Greater Europe Mission. Margaret has a music ministry that includes cello performance.
Alyssa Pfister, Serge Alyssa Pfister
Serge - Burundi
Alyssa serves at Kibuye Hope Hospital in Gitega, Burundi, East Africa, as a medical missionary in pediatrics.
Winn Piper, Wycliffe Bible Translators – Retired Winn Piper
Wycliffe Bible Translators – Retired - Charlotte, NC
More than 50 years ago, Merrill and Winnie became members of Wycliffe Bible Translators. Merrill was one of the very first JAARS missionary pilots.
Julio & Angelica Quirino, Africa Inland Mission International Julio & Angelica Quirino
Africa Inland Mission International - Nairobi, Kenya
Julio and Angelica have served in Kenya since 2000, currently working with Somalis in the Kibera slums.
Rich & Julia Rudolph, ABWE Rich & Julia Rudolph
ABWE - Germany
Rich and Julia serve as church planters in St Wendel, Germany.
Sara, SIM Sara
SIM - Asia
Sara is preparing to serve in university outreach in Asia, starting in fall of 2014. She grew up at Calvary and has served as a Student Ministries intern.
George & Kathy Schultz, United World Mission George & Kathy Schultz
United World Mission - Rutherfordton, NC
George directs the Center for Intercultural Training for those headed to cross-cultural ministry. Kathy leads the children’s training program.
John and Pat Sellers, Youth for Christ John and Pat Sellers
Youth for Christ - Columbia, SC
John and Pat moved to Columbia, SC in October, 2013 to direct the Juvenile Justice Ministry there.
Dan and Louise Sheyda, Wycliffe Bible Translators Dan and Louise Sheyda
Wycliffe Bible Translators - Charlotte, NC
Dan and Louise serve as part of the Member Care Services Team and Child Safety and Protective Services Investigative Team.
Bruce and Pam Sinclair, Mission to the World Bruce and Pam Sinclair
Mission to the World - Kampala, Uganda
Bruce is Mission to the World's country director for Uganda. His primary ministry focus involves training church planters, pastors, and other church leaders at Westminster Theological College and Seminary in Kampala, Uganda. Pam has a significant ministry with AIDS orphans.
Scott and Margaret Smith, Wycliffe Bible Translators Scott and Margaret Smith
Wycliffe Bible Translators - Cameroon, Africa – US Furlough
Scott and Margaret are Bible translators working in Equatorial Guinea, living in Cameroon.
Doug and Marilyn Stewart, InterVarsity - Retired Doug and Marilyn Stewart
InterVarsity - Retired - Wheaton, IL
Retired after 51 years of ministry, Doug and Marilyn provide spiritual counsel to individuals and couples..
Galen and Bonnie Stutzman, Wycliffe Bible Translators, JAARS Galen and Bonnie Stutzman
Wycliffe Bible Translators, JAARS - Papua New Guinea
  • After returning from an 8-month assignment in Ukarumpa, Papua New Guinea, Galen began working in the wireless communciations area at JAARS during the summer of 2014.

Rob and Karen Taylor, Wycliffe Bible Translators Rob and Karen Taylor
Wycliffe Bible Translators - Alberta, Canada
The Taylors work to translate the Word of God into the heart language of a minority group of North America.
Mark and Linda Thomas, Torchbearers Mark and Linda Thomas
Torchbearers - Carnforth, Lancashire England
Mark and Linda serve as director of Capernwray Hall Bible School with the Torchbearers since 1981.
Tim and Bonnie, Spain Tim and Bonnie
Tim serves as an educational consultant, while Bonnie disciples new believers as they begin a new work in Spain, after 31 years in Kenya.
Sam and Margarita Tse, South America Mission Sam and Margarita Tse
South America Mission - British Columbia, Canada
Sam and Margarita are currently in British Colombia where Sam attends Regent College Theological Seminary before reassignment to Bolivia.
Cesar and Edie Vega, The Navigators Cesar and Edie Vega
The Navigators - Orlando, FL
Cesar and Edie serve as the Navigators Representative of the NavVida Hispanic Ministries.
Dana Wilson, South America Mission Dana Wilson
South America Mission - Bolivia
Dana Wilson strengthens Bolivian churches through church and leadership development. She hosts Calvary's college missions trips there.
David and Nancy Writebol, SIM David and Nancy Writebol
SIM - Liberia
David and Nancy served at the ELWA compound in Liberia with SIM. While Nancy is recouperating from her bout with the Ebola virus disease, the Writebols are supporting SIM's work in Liberia from the US.
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