<p>Construction Updates<br />
<em>Weekdays use Entrance #1<br />
<strong>Sundays use #1, #15, #12, #13</strong></em></p>
Construction Updates
Weekdays use Entrance #1
Sundays use #1, #15, #12, #13

Calvary Construction Updates

Our Reach Welcome Grow building expansion is now underway


WEEKDAYS — Use Building Entrance 1

Building Entrance 1 is the primary public entrance on weekdays for all guests, meetings, classes, events, and deliveries. The elevators are accessible from Entrance 1.

Building Entrance 2 is CLOSED — including Sundays!

Expect access to the Galleria to be blocked beyond the elevators on weekdays. 

SUNDAYS — Multiple Entrances Open

Consider using CLC Athletic Entrance #15 to get to the Sanctuary and escalators, especially if you don't need to access the Nursery or Children's Ministry classrooms.

Use the entrances listed below to access the Sanctuary and Galleria:

  • Building Entrance 1  PRIMARY PUBLIC ENTRANCE
  • Building Entrance 15  CLC Athletic Entrance — *RECOMMENDED SUNDAY ENTRANCE* for Sanctuary and escalator access
  • Building Entrance 12  Hwy 51 Concourse
  • Building Entrance 13  Chapel — Passenger drop-off under the covered portico

Calvary Life Center — Entrance 22

Entrance 22 is open on Sundays, for events held in the CLC, and for Calvary Christian Academy on school days. 

Handicapped Parking

Handicapped parking is expanded on Sundays and for Christmas concerts/services near the Chapel drop-off area. 

Campus Entrances

  • Use Campus Entrances 1 and 2 from Highway 51 or Campus Entrance 4 from Rea Road.
  • Campus Entrance 3 (across from the library) is closed. This road is for construction traffic only.

Please check back for updates! We'll also announce changes in Looking Up.

Learn more about the Reach Welcome Grow expansion project HERE.