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Calvary Christian Academy
Learn more about our unique model

Calvary Christian Academy

Calvary Christian Academy is a growing Calvary ministry offering Christ-centered, relational education for children in kindergarten through 9th grade for the 2024–25 school year. 

CCA offers a hands-on, project-based curriculum rooted in biblical truth that aims to nurture academic excellence, social and emotional development, and spiritual growth.

Learn more at the school website: calvarychristianacademy.com

What parents are saying about our school —  “Its model of both academic excellence and cultivation of a heart for Jesus is unrivaled. Their hands-on, holistic approach to teaching not only results in learning milestones and excellent test scores but also instills a curiosity, resilience, and love of learning.”

Find out more about our unique educational model and schedule a tour! Contact us at admissions@calvarychristianacademy.com or call 704.945.3113.

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    Our Educational Philosophy

    What does a CCA education look like?


    Christ is at the center of everything we do at CCA. We teach from a biblical perspective, encouraging students to develop a strong biblical foundation and discover God’s truth in every subject area.

    Academically Excellent

    At CCA, we strive to prepare students to flourish academically at the nation’s top colleges and universities. CCA graduates will be equipped to compete academically at the highest level.


    Our integrative approach to instruction engages the student as a whole. Students at CCA are nurtured not only academically, but also spiritually, socially, and emotionally.


    Teachers at CCA intentionally foster meaningful relationships with their students, ensuring that each individual is seen, heard, encouraged, and challenged. Our smaller class sizes, co-teaching model, and student-to-teacher ratio create an environment where all students can thrive.


    As a missional school, CCA is committed to being and making authentic followers of Jesus Christ. Our desire is to create genuine Christ-followers who shine brightly for Christ in their community.


    At CCA, we seek to follow Christ’s example of love and service to others. Local and global service partnerships provide students with the opportunity to serve others and use their skills and talents for His glory.

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    CCA Mission & Purpose

    Our Mission

    Calvary Christian Academy (CCA) exists to further the overall mission of Calvary Church: to be and make authentic followers of Jesus Christ through a balanced ministry of worshiping God, preaching and teaching the Word, edifying one another, caring for the needs of others, and evangelizing the world.

    Our Purpose

    The purpose of Calvary Christian Academy (CCA) is to provide Christ-centered education that nurtures academic excellence, social and emotional development, and spiritual growth, preparing students for God-glorifying lives.