<p>Support Ministries<br />
Providing support, help &amp; hope<br />
through life&#39;s challenges</p>
Support Ministries
Providing support, help & hope
through life's challenges


Sometimes we need the support, prayer, and love of our church friends and family.

Going through a difficult time or facing a challenge? Calvary offers many ministries that provide encouragement, prayer support, and practical guidance based on God's Word. Check out the list below or contact us.

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    The Potter's Hands
    Recovery in Christ
    Mondays, 6:30 PM

    Recovery in Christ

    • Meetings are held every Monday at 6:30 PM in Room 1200.
    • On the first Monday of each month, we enjoy food and fellowship — bring a friend!

    Drugs, alcohol, and pornography are but a few of the “modern plagues” that ruin lives and destroy marriages and families, leading to anxiety, depression, and even death. Such sins not only rob a person of life but steal the soul as well. And followers of Christ are not immune from the destruction that such things bring.

    Yet, there is hope! In Christ, there is freedom from the bondage of sin. 

    Whether you have walked with Christ for years or are unsure about the Christian faith, you are welcome to attend The Potter’s Hands. In this ministry, you will meet with others who have found hope and freedom through the grace of Jesus Christ.

    Come and find support, fellowship, encouragement, and accountability. We want to extend hope and help you heal and grow. Jesus said, “I came that they may have life and have it abundantly” (John 10:10). You can start experiencing this life today! 

    Note: We are NOT a crisis center or hotline, a substitute for attending church, a professional therapy group, or a substitute for professional help or assistance.

    Please register below to help us prepare for you.


    Contacts: Pastor Rob Reece, rreece@calvarychurch.com & Helen Stewart, 704.887.3681, hstewart@calvarychurch.com

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    Hearts & Hammers
    Do you need assistance?

    Do you need assistance with basic home maintenance and repairs?

    Our Hearts & Hammers teams tackle to-do lists monthly for Calvary senior adults and families who need assistance.

    To apply to be a care receiver, contact Helen Stewart at 704.341.5328 or hstewart@calvarychurch.com.

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    Support Ministry Classes
    DivorceCare, GriefShare, & HeartCare
    Currently on summer break

    Mondays, 6:30–8:00 PM

    Calvary Support Ministry classes explore the spiritual, intellectual, emotional, and physical aspects of life challenges from a biblical perspective. Join us or invite a friend — everyone is welcome! Childcare options are available.

    Classes have concluded for this season. New groups begin September 9. Please check back for complete details and registration!

    Upcoming Fall 2024 Classes:

    • DivorceCare
    • GriefShare
    • HeartCare 

    Contacts: Helen Stewart, 704.887.3681, hstewart@calvarychurch.com or Pastor Jim Pile, 704.341.5359, jpile@calvarychurch.com

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    Widows Ministry
    Summer Schedule
    Bible Study, Fellowship & Outreach

    Inspiring Hope is a ministry group for widows at Calvary and the community. We hold monthly meetings on Zoom, in-person fellowships, and outreach projects throughout the year. 

    Whether you are recently widowed or have journeyed for some time as a widow, please join us for encouraging Bible devotionals, prayer, and a community of women who care!

    Here's our monthly meeting schedule for Summer 2024:

    • June 7 — Zoom, 6:00–7:30 PM
    • June 26 — Brunch, 10:30 AM–12:30 PM
    • July 5 — Zoom, 6:00–7:30 PM
    • July 18 — Outreach Project Day, 11:00 AM–4:00 PM (drop-in, includes lunch)
    • August 2 — Zoom, 6:00–7:30 PM
    • August 28 — Brunch, 10:30 AM–12:30 PM

    This summer, we will read, meditate, and encourage one another to memorize Scripture from the book of James. 

    Our study this fall will be The Strength You Need: The Twelve Great Strength Passages of the Bible. The Senior Adult Luncheons and Organ Concerts, which we attend as a group, will resume in September.

    Contact Donna Bridges at 704.301.5991 to receive the book, Zoom meeting credentials, and ongoing monthly activities schedule.

    Contact: Jennifer Sharpless, 704.341.5417, jsharpless@calvarychurch.com




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    CancerCare for Women
    Support Ministry
    for those facing cancer

    Calvary Support Ministry offers support to women in our congregation who are facing a cancer diagnosis or undergoing treatment.

    If you are a cancer patient and desire support from one of our CancerCare volunteers, please let us know.

    Our knowledgeable team is ready to offer practical and spiritual support. We can assist you with transportation needs, accompany you to doctor's appointments or hospital visits, assist with meals, and provide prayer support.

    Please complete the sign-up form below, and our Support Ministry Coordinator will personally reach out to you.

    CancerCare Signup

    Volunteer Opportunity — If you are a female cancer survivor or healthcare professional with intimate knowledge of cancer, its symptoms, types of treatment, and some of its effects, please pray about joining our CancerCare team to encourage women with practical and spiritual support. LEARN MORE

    Contact: Helen Stewart, Support Ministry Coordinator, 704.887.3681, hstewart@calvarychurch.com



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    Military Ministry
    Supporting those who serve
    Stateside, Overseas, & Veterans

    We seek to share the love of Christ with active duty military, Reserve and National Guard members, veterans, and their family members at Calvary Church and throughout the greater Charlotte community.
    Recognizing the special sacrifices made by those serving in the armed forces, we want to help meet those unique spiritual, emotional, and physical needs. We're here to offer prayer, encouragement, fellowship, discipleship opportunities, support services, and share the life-changing Gospel of Jesus Christ. 

    If you're in military service, a veteran, or have a loved one serving stateside or abroad, please join our prayer and contact list.

    Contacts: Pastor Jim Pile, 704.341.5359, jpile@calvarychurch.com & Jennifer Sharpless, 704.341.5417, jsharpless@calvarychurch.com 

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    of the Week

    Each week we have a pastor, an elder, and several deacons on call to help with urgent needs and hospital care.

    For emergency needs, hospitalization, a death in the family, or a birth announcement to share, please contact the church office at 704.543.1200 or the pastor/elder/deacons listed in Looking Up for this week.

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    Hospital Care

    If you or a family member has an upcoming surgery or hospital stay, please let us know by calling the church office at 704.543.1200. We would like to have someone there to pray with you.

    If admitted, please let the hospital know that you attend Calvary Church. We want to visit (if you like), pray with you, and offer support to you and your family.

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    Biblical Counseling

    Followers of the Lord Jesus navigate their walk with Him through the trials and tribulations of life by following His Word and the godly counsel of others in the body of Christ.

    At Calvary Church, we offer individual, marriage, and family counseling to our members and attendees. Counseling is confidential and led by our pastoral staff.

    For more information, contact Pastor Jim Pile at jpile@calvarychurch.com.