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Learn more about our community</p>
Internationals at Calvary
Learn more about our community


Bienvenido    Bem vinda    أهلا بك    Herzlich willkommen

До̍ропож̌лов̌т    欢迎来到    Velkommen!    ようこそ!

Vælkomin!    स्वागत हे    Kuwakaribisha!    வரவேற்பு

Hoan nghênh!    환영합니다!

United in Christ, the Calvary family is exceptionally diverse, representing more than 40 countries and dozens of language groups.

No matter your background or language, we invite you to join us to worship our great God and grow and serve alongside brothers and sisters in Christ.

Please read our current update regarding Calvary services and activities > HERE

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    ESL Classes
    English as a Second Language
    Monday & Thursday mornings

    Calvary ESL (English as a Second Language) classes help newcomers to the United States learn to speak and understand the English language and American cultural expressions. We offer six proficiency levels to improve vocabulary and conversational skills. Classes meet September through May: Fall, Winter & Spring Terms.

    Fall Term: September 21 – November 19
    Mondays & Thursdays, 9:00 AM–12:00 PM 

    For health and safety, all students will have a temperature check upon entry at the Galleria. Students must wear a mask and maintain 6' social distancing at all times. Students should use the escalator to get to the 3rd floor classrooms.


    • Introductory and Level 1 & 2 classes will meet in the Crown Room, 3rd Floor
    • Level 3+ classes will meet via Zoom video conferencing

    New ESL students must take an English placement test to determine their class level. Placement tests will be given at Calvary in the Crown Room (3rd Floor) between 9:00 AM – Noon on these dates:

    • Thursday, September 10
    • Monday, September 14
    • Thursday September 17

    Fall-term cost is $40, including books. Childcare is not provided. 

    Registration is now full. Please plan to join us next semester!

    Our ESL program also includes:

    • English Pronunciation Class
      Mondays, September 21 – November 16, 11:15–12:00 PM:
      Intro, Levels 1 & 2  |  Crown Room
      Levels 3+ via Zoom 
    • ESL Life Discussion
      Thursdays, September 24 – November 12, 11:15–12:00 PM, via Zoom
    • ESL Windows to the World
      Thursdays, September 24 – November 12, 11:15–12:00 PM  |  Room 300

    Contact: Vince Eaton, 704.341.5322, veaton@calvarychurch.com

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    International Women's Study
    Trusting God Even When Life Hurts
    Tuesdays, AM & PM via Zoom
    Register now!

    International ladies, join us on Tuesdays for Bible study! Cheri Strahm will teach Trusting God Even When Life Hurts at 9:30 AM–Noon and 7:00–9:00 PM via Zoom.

    All of us have times of trouble in our lives. It comes in many forms: sickness, a painful experience, a difficult relationship, or death of a person we love. Sometimes we feel that God doesn’t hear us, or care. And in those times we wonder, “Why is God allowing this in my life? Can I really trust Him?” We will explore together what the Bible says about God’s power and love. You will hear stories of how women today learned to trust Him in times of trouble. You will discover ways to trust God more completely — even when life hurts. This is a study group for international women, led by a trained Bible teacher who also teaches ESL at Calvary.

    Our study is based upon the book, Trusting God, by Jerry Bridges. Purchase the required text before the first class. Order HERE

    Morning Class: September 8 – November 17, 9:30 AM–Noon

    REGISTER for AM class

    Evening class: September 8 – November 17, 7:00–9:00 PM


    We will keep you updated about any plans to shift to in-person meetings on campus as we monitor the ongoing COVID–19 situation. You will receive the Zoom login information by email.

    Contact: Pastor Jim Pile, 704.341.5359, jpile@calvarychurch.com & Jennifer Sharpless, 704.341.5417, jsharpless@calvarychurch.com

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    Spanish Bible Study
    Wednesdays, beginning September 9
    via Zoom — Register now!

    Join Bill Ogden on Wednesday evenings via Zoom for this Spanish Bible study! 

    The Old Testament contains twelve books that are called “Minor Prophets.” Why are they called “minor,” and what can we learn from a study of these books? In our study of this section of the Bible, we will examine the life, timeline, ministry, and significance of the prophet and his work in order to understand the primary message of each book, concluding with practical applications to our lives.

    El Antiguo Testamento contiene doce libros que se llaman "Profetas Menores." ¿Por qué se les llama "menores" y qué podemos aprender del estudio de estos libros? En nuestro estudio de esta sección de la Biblia aprenderemos sobre el mensaje de cada libro al estudiar la vida, la línea de tiempo, el ministerio y el significado del profeta y su obra, el mensaje principal de cada libro, y concluiremos con algunas formas de aplicar El mensaje de cada profeta a nuestras vidas.

    We'll meet on Wednesdays, 6:30–8:00 PM via Zoom. Please register below.

    Module 2  |   October 21 – November 18 (5 weeks)

    REGISTER for module 2

    You will receive the Zoom login information by email.

    Questions about Bible study electives?
    Contact: Pastor Nathaniel Pearce, 704.341.5424, npearce@calvarychurch.com
    Debbie Bordwine, 704.341.5328, dbordwine@calvarychurch.com

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    ALGs for Internationals

    International Fellowship
    11:15 AM, Room 227
    Teacher: Sam Speights

    With members from around the globe, our multi-national group brings diverse testimonies of God’s grace and shares a deep love for the unifying truth of God’s Word. We enjoy quarterly fellowships, often filled with delicious international flavors! All nationalities are welcome; the group is taught in English.

    ALG Hispano
    11:15 AM, Room 237
    Teacher: Bill Ogden

    Meditamos en la palabra de Dios y la aplicamos a nuestra vida personal y familiar a la luz de nuestra experiencia Latinoamericana. This group is taught in Spanish without translation. 

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    Worship Service Translation
    Spanish, Russian & Chinese
    Sundays, 11:00 AM by phone

    Our Sunday morning worship service at 11:00 AM is translated LIVE into Spanish, Russian, and Chinese

    Get instructions here:






    Calvary has phone numbers that allow you to call in and listen to the service live or on-demand.

    Here’s how it works:

    • Call on your mobile phone or any telephone and listen:
      • Chinese — 877.748.3414
      • Russian — 877.734.4341
      • Spanish — 877.740.3413
    • To be notified when our worship service goes live, press “1” to receive a phone call before the service begins.
    • Please use headphones or earbuds if you listen to the service live in the Sanctuary.
    • To listen to the translation during the service Livestream, connect to the Livestream on a mobile phone/device/computer and call the translation phone number using another phone/landline.
    • If you miss the live service, you may call the number at any time to hear the most recent sermon on-demand.

    Questions? Contact: Pastor Sibu Rajappan, 704.907.7497, srajappan@calvarychurch.com