<p>High School Ministry<br />
Grades 9&ndash;12</p>
High School Ministry
Grades 9–12

High School

Calvary High School Ministry is for students in grades 9–12. We build friendships, grow in our relationships with the Lord, study His Word, share the love of Christ and our testimonies with others, and serve Him together.

Come grow with us! Invite friends to any of our programs or events. Questions? Contacts: Student Ministry Office, Jennifer Porras, 704.341.5320, jporras@calvarychurch.com or Pastor Nathaniel Pearce, 704.341.5424, npearce@calvarychurch.com.

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    Student Life Groups
    High School 
    Sundays, 11:15 AM, CLC 1400

    Sundays, 11:15 AM | CLC 1400

    As high school students, this is where you'll be challenged to apply Scripture to your life through Bible teaching, small group discussion, and prayer. 

    Join us after the 9:45 AM worship service in the CLC!

    Contact: Student Ministry Office, Jennifer Porras, 704.341.5320, jporras@calvarychurch.com or Pastor Nathaniel Pearce, 704.341.5424, npearce@calvarychurch.com.


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    Student Ministry
    Wednesday, August 11
    6:00–8:00 PM, CLC 1400

    Summer Wednesdays:

    • August 11

    6:00–8:00 PM, CLC 1400

    Hey students, let's REGROUP on Wednesday nights! We'll reconnect with friends, get into God's Word, and grow in faith together! Come early at 6:00 PM to hang out with friends in the gym and game room. The worship and teaching time begins at 6:30 PM.

    Middle and high school students will gather in for worship with the band! We'll hear a lesson from God's Word, then we'll break out for discussion and prayer. We'll wind up the evening with more fun activities.

    Be sure to bring your Bible, paper, and a pen! 

    Parents, please drop off students at the main CLC entrance and pick them up at 8:00 PM outside the CLC.

    Contact:  Student Ministry Office, Jennifer Porras, 704.341.5320, jporras@calvarychurch.com or Pastor Nathaniel Pearce, 704.341.5424, npearce@calvarychurch.com or Pastor Nathaniel Pearce, 704.341.5424, npearce@calvarychurch.com.

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    High School Summer Camp
    at Woodlands, August 2–7

    Woodlands Teen Camp
    Monday, August 2 – Saturday, August 7

    for ages 13–18

    High school students, are you ready to have the BEST summer ever? Don't miss our awesome adventures at Woodlands Camp! This life-changing experience includes powerful Bible teaching, inspiring worship, small group discussions, personal spiritual growth, and deeper relationship-building away from the everyday distractions of life.

    Plus there will be plenty of time for FUN activities at this beautiful lake-front setting in the foothills of North Georgia. Campers can enjoy swimming, tubing behind a jet ski, two 100’ water slides, kayaking, canoeing, paddleboats, a climbing wall, the blob, a zip line, and much more! 

    Check out the waterfront and adventure attractions available at Woodlands!


    Cost: $550

    Space is limited, so reserve your spot now with a $100 non-refundable deposit.
    You must complete the two-step registration process by February 21 or you will lose your spot.

    UPDATE:  Registration is now FULL 

    make a payment

    IMPORTANT: Once you have registered through Calvary and your slot has been approved, Woodlands will email you a registration link and a code that you must validate by February 21. Your reservation is NOT confirmed until you have also completed the camp's registration form. Registration must be paid in full by June 14, 2021. 

    Contact: Student Ministry Office, Jennifer Porras, 704.341.5320, jporras@calvarychurch.com or Pastor Nathaniel Pearce, 704.341.5424, npearce@calvarychurch.com.

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    Awana C–Track
    Grades 6–12
    Register now!

    Wednesdays, 5:45–6:25 PM
    Beginning September 8

    C–Track is for students in grades 6–12 and adults who want to grow in their Bible knowledge, memorize Scripture, and apply God's truth in their lives. Many are already part of the Awana program and are continuing their pursuit of the Citation Award and the Awana college scholarship program.

    C–Track participants meet weekly with a mentor for discipleship and to recite verses. The annual cost is $35. Please register below!


    Contacts: Jennifer Groseclose, 704.341.5349, jgroseclose@calvarychurch.com
    Sue Ridge, 704.887.3695, sridge@calvarychurch.com