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Find out what we&#39;re currently studying on Sundays!</p>
Current Series
Find out what we're currently studying on Sundays!

Current Series

"We strongly believe when the Bible speaks, God speaks."
At Calvary, we are committed to reading, studying, preaching, teaching, and obeying the inspired Word of God.
Presented by Senior Pastor John Munro, the exposition of Scripture is a foundational part of our worship. To allow for more comprehensive study and a deeper understanding, Pastor Munro often preaches in series form, allowing for an in-depth approach by book or topic.
Pastor Munro is currently preaching a Sunday morning message series on The Gospel of Matthew and is preaching on The Life of Moses on Sunday evenings.
Watch or listen to messages in this series OR previous series, including With Wings Like Eagles, Romans, The Life of David, Esther, Back to the Basics, Revelation and many others here. CD sets are also available for purchase from our Word Room.

Join us this Sunday as we study God's Word!

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    The Gospel of Matthew
    Sunday mornings, 9:45 AM
    3/8: "Temptation"

    The Gospel of Matthew
    Our current morning message series from Pastor Munro
    Sundays at 9:45 AM

    Who is Jesus? 

    This is the most important question that anyone can ever ask. Jesus is the central figure of all human history and of eternity. He is the King and the only One who can forgive our sins.

    The Gospel of Matthew helps us to understand who Jesus is: the long-promised Messiah of the Old Testament. He is also the Savior who conquers sin, Satan, and death, and reigns eternally as King of kings.

    Do you know this Jesus?

    Join us on Sunday mornings at 9:45 AM for this powerful series from Pastor John Munro.

    Worship with us at Calvary or watch via livestream at live.calvarychurch or Calvary Facebook.

    Miss a message or want to replay or share? Visit media.calvarychurch.com and choose "Sermons."

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    The Life of Moses
    Sundays evenings, 6:00 PM
    3/8: "Living Water"

    The Life of Moses
    Our current evening series from Pastor Munro

    Sundays at 6:00 PM

    Moses is one of the outstanding figures of the Old Testament. He's the brilliant leader called by God to deliver Israel from the slavery of Egypt, the great lawgiver who received the Ten Commandments, and the friend of God who recorded the first five books of the Bible.

    The New Testament reminds us that Moses turned his back on “the fleeting pleasures of sin” (Hebrews 11:25). He lived by faith and chose to follow God rather than a comfortable life in Egypt.

    Join us on Sunday evenings as we study the life of Moses and discover what it means to live by faith — to be obedient to the purposes of God and to trust God for the impossible!

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    With Wings Like Eagles:
    Soaring High in Life's Challenges
    Complete series now available online

    With Wings Like Eagles: Soaring High in Life's Challenges
    Full series now available online:
    visit media.calvarychurch.com and choose "Sermons."

    Life is tough. Each day brings its own challenges, and everyone, including followers of Jesus Christ, may feel overwhelmed. What are we supposed to do?

    Isaiah 40:31 offers a brilliant promise: “They who wait for the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings like eagles; they shall run and not be weary; they shall walk and not faint.” But what does this really mean?

    Don't miss this encouraging, life-changing series as we learn how God-centered living gives us hope and supernatural strength.

    Full series now available online: visit media.calvarychurch.com and choose "Sermons."

    Topics include:
    8/25:  Trusting God in Tough Times
    9/1:  Trials and Temptations
    9/8:  Abandoned by God
    9/15:  The Burning Fuse of Anger
    9/22:  When Life Turns Upside Down
    9/29:  Discouragement and Depression
    10/6:  Life Is Meaningless
    11/3:  Facing Fear
    11/10:  Unanswered Prayer
    11/17:  Plagued by Worry and Anxiety
    11/24:  Unable to Forgive
    12/1:  All the Lonely People

    Worship with us at Calvary or watch via livestream at live.calvarychurch or Calvary Facebook.

    "But they who wait for the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings like eagles; they shall run and not be weary; they shall walk and not faint." — Isaiah 40:31

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    Experience the power of the Gospel
    Complete series now available online

    Romans: Experience the power of the Gospel
    Praise God for this powerful message series just completed by Pastor John Munro!

    Replay and/or share sermons from the series at media.calvarychurch.com (choose Sermons/Romans). You can also browse or download the Romans study guides prepared by Pastor Munro and our Calvary pastors – just click on the covers or links below to access each guide. CD sets are also available in our Word Room.


    Part 1 | The Heart of the Gospel (Romans 1-4) 
    Part 2 | The Hope of the Gospel (Romans 5-8)
    Part 3 | The Defense of the Gospel (Romans 9-11)
    Part 4 | The Transformation of the Gospel (Romans 12-16)

    Many people have a distorted view of "the Gospel.” What is the Gospel? How is it relevant? What difference (if any) does it make in our lives?

    The overwhelming theme of the book of Romans is the Gospel of Jesus Christ. To study Romans is to learn the central doctrines of authentic Christianity and how to apply it to our lives in a practical way. Do you know the power of the Gospel?

    "For I am not ashamed of the Gospel for it is the power of God for salvation to everyone who believes" (Romans 1:16).

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    Tune in for "The Verdict"
    Our radio ministry
    Click for full schedule of locations & times

    Listen to "The Verdict" with Pastor Munro 

    During our 24-minute broadcast, Pastor Munro provides personal application alongside his preaching as listeners are invited to participate in daily Bible study.  As listeners, we are challenged to consider our own "Verdict" as we choose how to respond to God's Word in our daily lives. Invite others to listen!


    In Charlotte, NC: WHVN 1240AM/104.3FM

    • 7:30 AM & 4:30 PM weekdays
    • 8:00 AM Saturdays & 12:00 PM Sundays

    In Raleigh, NC:  WPJL on 1240AM

    • 7:30 AM weekdays
    • 10:30 AM Saturdays & 10:00 AM Sundays

    In Wilmington, NC: WZDG The Word on 88.5FM

    • 6:00 AM weekdays
    • 7:30 PM Saturdays & Sundays 

    In Asheville, NC: WSKY on 1230AM

    • 8:30 AM weekdays

    In Indianapolis, IN: WBRI on 1500AM & 96.7FM

    • 5:30 PM weekdays

    In Kansas City, MO: KCNW on 1380AM & 96.1FM

    • 2:00 & 6:00 PM weekdays

    In Pittsburgh, PA: WWNL on 1080AM & 103.9FM

    • 4:30 PM weekdays

    In Reno, NV: KBOOK on 93.3FM (NEW!)

    • 6:00 PM weekdays


    NEW in 2019!  In Scotland: Revival FM / 93.0 FM in Glasgow / 100.8 FM in Cumbernauld

    • 11 PM weekdays

    In East Africa via short-wave  |  Sundays at 9:00 PM local time.
    Coverage area includes Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Malawi, Rwanda, Zambia, northern Mozambique, northern Zimbabwe, east Angola, central and east DR Congo, and the southern tip of Mogadishu.

    Feedback or questions? Email us at TheVerdict@calvarychurch.com. We'd love to hear from you!

    Replay the last 30 days of "The Verdict" at media.calvarychurch.com  (Choose Radio)

    Have you checked out Pastor Munro's blog, also titled The Verdict? If not, check it out at johnhmunro.com


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    Visited Pastor Munro's blog?
    Check it out at johnhmunro.com

    Have you visited Pastor Munro's blog (The Verdict) lately?  Check out his regular posts related to current study or timely topics!


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    “I give you this charge: Preach the Word” (2 Timothy 4:1–2).


    My calling and passion in life are to glorify God through the exposition of Holy Scripture. From the time God called me to pastoral ministry from practicing law, I knew I was going to serve as a local pastor and preach.


    I realize that many people like to hear inspirational speakers promising “the best life now” or offering pragmatic techniques to make life more comfortable. But I believe the Bible is the inspired, inerrant Word of God and therefore relevant and sufficient for every spiritual need.

    JohnHMunro.com: Why have a blog?

    With today’s technology, we have more opportunities than ever before to preach the Word and share the Gospel with an incredible reach. The Verdict (my blog at johnhmunro.com) is offered as an online extension of ministry and an additional resource for those interested in or curious about the exposition of Scripture and commentary on contemporary issues based on biblical principles.


    Features and Opportunities to Share

    You’ll find it mobile-friendly; inclusive of videos and articles; and a resource easily searchable by keyword or category.


    How you can interact and participate:

    • Sign up to receive monthly summaries of new content
    • Share individual items with friends via email or social media
    • Comment to further discussion and discovery

    To God be the glory.


    Welcome to the Verdict!





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    Next Steps in Following Jesus
    10–Day Plan by Dr. Munro
    on YouVersion Bible App

    10-Day Plan Now Available on the YouVersion Bible App

    A new devotional reading plan by Pastor Munro, Next Steps in Following Jesus, is now available on the YouVersion Bible app! Pastor Munro challenges new or longtime believers to continue to grow in their journey as a follower of Christ, highlighting a different Bible passage each day.

    "Next Steps" is Pastor Munro's second plan for the app, following Turning off the Noise, a 7-day plan.

    To check it out, download the free YouVersion Bible app at iTunes or Google Play or see it online at Bible.com.  Within the app, choose "Plans" and then search for "next steps" or "munro" to find the plan — then "Start Plan" to begin reading!

    First released in 2008, YouVersion is one of the most popular Bible mobile apps, providing the text of the Bible on more than 240 million mobile devices around the world.
    In addition to providing the text of the Bible in 1000+ languages, the YouVersion app provides a library of Bible reading plans and devotionals to encourage mobile users to engage directly with God's Word.