<p>Adult Life Groups<br />
Visit an ALG this Sunday!<br />
8:30 &amp; 11:15 AM</p>
Adult Life Groups
Visit an ALG this Sunday!
8:30 & 11:15 AM

Adult Life Groups

Adult Life Groups are where we do life together!

These smaller groups are an essential part of helping everyone connect at Calvary and grow in faith together.

ALGs meet at 8:30 and 11:15 AM on Sundays to study God’s Word, pray, and share the joys and challenges of life. We develop lasting friendships and enjoy real community.

There are lots of options! Check out the list below and feel free to visit as many as you like. Find the best fit for you — guests are always welcome!

Click here for information on our college and young adults life groups, our middle or high school life groups or our children's ministries.

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    ALGs for All Ages

    Amazing Grace
    11:15 AM, Room 500
    Teacher: Bob Grundmann

    Folks of all ages and stages of life enjoy book-by-book and topical Bibles studies in this group. We emphasize building relationships through fellowship events and men’s and women’s activities.

    Life Application
    11:15 AM, Room 222
    Teacher: Bill Bailey

    Our weekly lesson is based on a single Bible passage, and we encourage group discussion and prayer. We seek to apply the Scripture to our daily lives for the glory of God. Fellowship get-togethers in homes help us get to know each other well.

    Mustard Seed
    11:15 AM, Room 234
    Teacher: Pastor Rob Reece

    We explore the fundamentals of the Christian faith — looking to the Bible for truth, understanding, and growth in our relationship with God. We study with open hearts, eyes, and minds to discern God at work in all things. If you’re inquisitive and desire to share your journey, join us!

    11:15 AM, Room 241
    Teacher: Doug Goforth

    Couples and singles in this diverse group enjoy expository Bible study. We come together from all walks of life to enrich each other’s lives and learning.

    Step by Step
    11:15 AM, Room 238
    Teacher: Pastor Jim Cashwell

    This multi-generational class will focus on an expository study of Scripture and personal growth in Christ. Come walk step by step with other believers as we apply God's truths to our lives and bear fruit for His kingdom.

    The Word
    11:15 AM, Chapel
    Teacher: Sam Jacks

    This group enjoys personal growth through expository Bible study. We develop friendships through a wide range of social events and warmly welcome newcomers!

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    ALGs for 20s–30s

    College & Young Adults
    11:15 AM, Mini Gym
    Teacher: Pastor Khalil Ayoub

    If you’re a young single adult, you’re invited to connect here. We strive to develop authentic relationships with Jesus Christ and with each other as we grow in our faith. Join us for Bible teaching followed by small group discussion. Whether you’re in the area year-round or just on school breaks, you are welcome!

    Beginning TWOgether
    11:15 AM, Room 240
    Teacher: Pastor Rodney Navey

    Young couples — married or engaged (or considering engagement) — join us for a combination of Bible teaching, prayer, and rich fellowship as we grow together in Christ. Our desire is to build a strong foundation in our walk with Christ, serve each other, and impact our world with the Gospel.

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    ALGs for 30s–40s

    Growing TWOgether
    11:15 AM, Room 233
    Teacher: Chris Nordyke

    We’re young married couples who are starting families or have young children. Our focus is on strengthening our Christian walk and marriage as a foundation for the years to come. Whether studying a book of the Bible or a specific topic, the teaching is in-depth and interactive. Small groups meet outside of class for deeper fellowship and support. Join our growing group!

    11:15 AM, Room 402
    Teacher: Pastor Jim Pile

    Looking for a group of married couples with children of all ages, that enjoys interactive biblical teaching and warm fellowship? Join us as we seek to practically apply God’s truth through our teaching, discipleship, and personal interactions within our group and beyond.

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    ALGs for 40s–50s

    Family Builders
    11:15 AM, Room 328
    Teacher: Stephen Seals

    Couples in this group often have pre-teens and teenagers. Our time together focuses on studying books of the Bible and practical biblical topics. We regularly plan lunches and other types of fellowships to develop and strengthen relationships. We value participation and discussion. Newcomers welcome!

    Growing in Grace
    11:15 AM, Banquet Room
    Teacher: Dr. Timothy Brown

    Married couples in this group often have grade school or teenage children. Our interactive Bible studies focus on growing in relationship with Christ and applying biblical principles to personal and family life. We seek to love and serve others with unity and peace.

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    ALGs for 50s–60s

    Christian Living
    11:15 AM, Room 231
    Teacher: Chuck Robinson

    We are a diverse group that shares a love for the Word of God and each other. Our goal is to apply biblical principles to our daily lives as followers of Jesus. We enjoy rich fellowship and actively seek opportunities to serve the Lord together.

    Faith Builders
    11:15 AM, Room 232
    Teacher: Mike Gardner

    The married couples in this warm fellowship study God’s Word to develop a solid foundation for their faith. Our time together focuses on practical Bible teaching in a discussion-based format with small group prayer. Beyond Sundays, we build community through an active calendar of fellowship events for couples, men, and women.

    Family Life
    11:15 AM, Room 226
    Teacher: Pastor Nathaniel Pearce

    We’re a mix of married couples and single adults who seek to apply the teaching of Scripture to everyday life. Join us for in-depth Bible study, group discussion, and prayer. We also enjoy a variety of activities that develop relationships. Come strengthen your walk with Christ and do life with us!

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    ALGs for Senior Adults

    Harvesters for Christ
    8:30 AM, Room 226
    Teacher: Tom Dilly

    Our group is a great fit for those who are passionate about digging deeply into Scripture to become better equipped to share the Gospel and serve others in our community and beyond!

    The Joy Class
    8:30 AM, Room 233
    Teacher: Buddy Collins

    We’re a warm and informal group comfortable with discussing Scripture and asking questions. We serve the Lord together and enjoy fun activities, including dinners, trips, and more!

    Life to the Max
    11:15 AM, Room 401
    Teacher: Ron Elmore

    We’re a large group of couples and singles that enjoy in-depth, interactive Bible teaching and discussion using study guides and multimedia presentations. We grow in faith and develop close relationships through fellowship and serving together. Join us to discuss God’s Word!

    Pilgrims in Progress
    8:30 AM, Banquet Room
    Teacher: Team of teachers

    Our large class treasures the Word of God and our in-depth study focuses on the essential doctrines of the Christian faith. Our goal is to know and articulate what we believe and why. We pray for each other and enjoy activities that build strong friendships!

    Word Warriors
    8:30 AM, Room 226
    Teacher: Barry Eveland

    This vibrant group of couples and singles gathers for expository Bible study. We actively develop relationships as we fellowship and become integrated into the life of Calvary Church. The atmosphere here is relaxed, the people friendly, and the conversation lively. Join us!

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    ALGs for Internationals

    International Fellowship
    11:15 AM, Room 227
    Teacher: Sam Speights

    With members from around the globe, our multi-national group brings diverse testimonies of God’s grace and shares a deep love for the unifying truth of God’s Word. We enjoy quarterly fellowships, often filled with delicious international flavors! All nationalities are welcome; the group is taught in English.

    ALG Hispano
    11:15 AM, Room 237
    Teacher: Bill Ogden

    Meditamos en la palabra de Dios y la aplicamos a nuestra vida personal y familiar a la luz de nuestra experiencia Latinoamericana. This group is taught in Spanish without translation. 

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    ALGs for Special Interests

    Family Foundation
    8:30 AM, Room 232
    Teacher: Rich Farynyk

    Our unique multi-generational ALG welcomes parents, children, grandparents, and singles — growing together with the older teaching the younger, as in Titus 2. We pray for each other and enjoy close fellowship. Come meet new friends and build a strong foundation for you and your family!

    The Point
    11:15 AM, Room 228
    Teacher: Frank Morra

    This class focuses on discussing the message preached that morning. We consider questions and make applications to our lives. Join us as we discuss "the point"!

    Women of the Word
    11:15 AM, Room 242
    Teacher: Mary Beth Hohman

    Looking for an ALG just for women? This group welcomes women of all ages and stages! We grow through inductive Bible study and application of God’s Word. We support each another through prayer and enjoy great fellowship.