<p>Local Outreach<br />
Reaching our community &amp;<br />
partnering with local ministries</p>
Local Outreach
Reaching our community &
partnering with local ministries

Local Outreach

At Calvary, our mission is to be and make authentic followers of Jesus Christ.

Sharing our faith begins with our families and friends in the local community and greater Charlotte area! We encourage everyone to pray, care, share, and disciple others right where you are — at home, school, work, in your neighborhood, and beyond! 

In addition to the many serving and sharing opportunities within Calvary, it’s our privilege to partner with select local ministry organizations as well. Find out more below, and discover how you can get involved!

Contact: Pastor Sibu Rajappan, 704.341.5336, srajappan@calvarychurch.com

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    Invite a Friend 
    Sunday, November 1, 8:30 & 11:00 AM
    Who will you invite!

    Sunday, November 1, 8:30 & 11:00 AM

    This year, we have all been challenged to share our faith and be a light!  We praise God for so many who invite family, neighbors, friends, and coworkers to join us for worship at Calvary or to watch the Livestream.

    On Sunday, November 1, at the 8:30 and 11:00 AM services, Pastor Munro is going to speak about the greatest invitation ever given. In Matthew 11:25–30, Jesus invites "all who labor and are heavy laden” to come to Him. That is the Gospel — come to Jesus to "find rest for your soul."

    INVITE A FRIEND SUNDAY — Now is the time to begin praying for those you will invite on November 1 to hear this great invitation. Ask God to open doors, to give you courage, and to guide you with His wisdom. Invite others to come with you to Calvary or to watch the Livestream at home.

    May many respond to the invitation and come to Jesus!

    Contact: Pastor Jim Cashwell, 704.341.5393, jcashwell@calvarychurch.com 

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    Be a Light
    Neighborhood Outreach 
    Register now for training!

    Do you have a desire to reach out to those in your neighborhood, but struggle to be intentional? 

    "Be a Light" is a ministry that will encourage and equip you
    to be a light in your neighborhood. This ministry uses BlessEveryHome.com, a free tool and utilizes the PRAY, CARE, SHARE, DISCIPLE strategy to reach your neighbors intentionally with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

    Join for training via Zoom to learn these strategies for relationship building, sharing the Gospel conversationally, and making disciples in your neighborhood. This 4-hour training will cover four key areas:

    • Being the Light
    • Articulating the Gospel
    • Turning everyday conversations to spiritual ones
    • Strategy for the fall

    "Be a Light" will also provide you:

    • Encouraging devotionals, tips, resources, and testimonies
    • On-demand training to help you navigate through objections or obstacles
    • Training and curriculum to lead a seeker to Christ through discovery Bible study

    Register now for "Be a Light" training — via Zoom:

    October 10, 17, 24, 31  |  FOUR 1–HOUR SESSIONS: Saturdays, 9:00–10:00 AM 


    After you register, you'll receive the Zoom meeting login credentials before your sessions.

    Questions? Contact: Pastor Sibu Rajappan, 704.341.5336, srajappan@calvarychurch.com or Ray Caggiano, 704.806.5801, rcaggiano33@gmail.com

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    Conversational Evangelism

    Conversational Evangelism

    3rd Saturdays at 1:00 PM — postponed until further notice

    Learn how to engage people in Gospel conversations with grace and love. Join our GO2Proclaim team on the third Saturday of each month for training at the Calvary Café at 1:00–1:30 PM. Then we'll head out to nearby walking trails and parks for conversational evangelism. 

    Questions? Contact: Pastor Sibu Rajappan, 704.341.5336, srajappan@calvarychurch.com


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    Caleb Ministries

    Caleb Ministries

    Caleb Ministries provides support and biblical encouragement for women and their families as they deal with the trauma of infertility, miscarriage, stillbirth, early infant death, and post-abortive syndrome. 

    We welcome experienced seamstresses, knitters, and those who crochet to our monthly sewing group! We make infant gowns, blankets, and bonnets for Caleb Ministry P.A.T. (Providing A Treasure) keepsake memory boxes. Contact: Margaret Dunbar, 704.560.9086, mdunbar1989@hotmail.com

    Next dates TBA

    Caleb Ministries Contact: Sandy Day, 704.841.1320, info@calebministries.org


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    Changed Choices

    Changed Choices

    Changed Choices provides mental, emotional, physical and spiritual assistance to motivated women during their incarceration and as they transition back into society.

    You can help by becoming prayer team members, writing notes of encouragement as pen pals, serving with projects at the Changed Choices house, hosting parties for children, and serving as mentors.

    Changed Choices Contact: Marilyn Chambers, 704.341.6082, m4chambers@bellsouth.net or Gail Clark, gail@changedchoices.org

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    Charlotte Rescue Mission
    Be a small group Bible study leader!

    Charlotte Rescue Mission

    Do you have a desire to lead a small group Bible study for those seeking deliverance from substance abuse? Calvary is offering Bible studies at Charlotte Rescue Mission. We need leaders to help facilitate once a month. Social distancing and masks are mandatory to serve in this ministry. 

    Contact: Pastor Sibu Rajappan, 704.341.5336, srajappan@calvarychurch.com

    Charlotte Rescue Mission is a two-campus, long-term residential recovery program for folks struggling with drug or alcohol addiction. The Rebound Men’s campus can accommodate up to 150 men, and the Dove’s Nest Women’s campus can accommodate up to 90 women and 30 children. The program is free of cost to its residents, and CRM doesn’t rely on government or United Way funding. 

    Charlotte Rescue Mission offers a wide range of volunteer opportunities for individuals as well as groups. They also accept donations, from toiletry items to clothing to classroom supplies, to meet the daily needs of their residents. For details on either of these opportunities to show the love of Christ to their residents, please visit their website or contact Pastor Sibu Rajappan.


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    Child Evangelism Fellowship
    Good News Clubs

    Child Evangelism Fellowship (CEF) is dedicated to reaching children with the Gospel by offering Good News Clubs in area elementary schools.

    Calvary currently partners with CEF to lead 10 afterschool clubs in five public schools. If you would like to be part of an existing club or have a desire to start a new one, let us know!

    We always need dedicated volunteers to teach and administrate clubs. Find out how you can serve HERE.

    Contact: Pastor Sibu Rajappan, Pastor of Outreach, 704.341.5336, srajappan@calvarychurch.com

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    Human Coalition
    formerly Pregnancy Resource Center of Charlotte

    Human Coalition
    1505 E 4th Street
    Charlotte, NC  28204


    Human Coalition (formerly Pregnancy Resource Center of Charlotte) is part of an innovative network of life-affirming women's care clinics. We employ the best practices and technology to provide superior medical services to women in crisis who are facing unplanned pregnancies. We also provide tangible support for women and their families before (preventative), during (urgent), and after the crisis (continuum of care). The women's clinics are one component of Human Coalition — the largest national pro-life organization rescuing children from abortion and serving families.

    There are many opportunities to give, pray, and serve with Human Coalition. Find out more HERE

    Get more information at or contact Heather Velz, 704.372.5981, hvelz@thewomens.clinic

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    Joni and Friends

    Joni and Friends

    Joni and Friends was founded in Charlotte in 1995. They share the Gospel and equip Christ-honoring churches worldwide to evangelize and disciple persons affected by disabilities. Local volunteers provide administrative support in the local Charlotte office and assist at special events and camps.

    Joni and Friends Contact:  Leila Smallwood,  Area Director, 704.841.1177, lsmallwood@joniandfriends.org