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Real Questions Real Truth
YouTube channel for students
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Struggling with tough questions?

Check out our new YouTube channel, Real Questions, Real Truth.

In this new video series, Pastor John Munro sits down with high school host Madilynn Miller to discuss personal and spiritual topics from the student perspective—providing clear, direct, biblical answers to tough questions.

Episode 1: Why is the Bible so important?

Episode 2: What about identity and gender?

Episode 3: How do I deal with pain and suffering?

Episode 4: What about love and dating relationships?

Each full episode is 8-10 minutes, or you can watch and share the short clips. New episodes coming soon!

Latest Episode: "What about love and dating relationships?"


Watch and subscribe at youtube.com/@realquestionsrealtruth.

Have a question to submit?  Email us at realquestionsrealtruth@calvarychurch.com.