<p>We Believe<br />
A biblical resource for kids &amp; families<br />
<i>for Grades 3&ndash;5</i></p>
We Believe
A biblical resource for kids & families
for Grades 3–5

Catechism for Calvary Kids & Families

Calvary provides a resource to help parents teach their kids sound doctrine through catechism.

We Believe: Catechism for Calvary Kids & Families is based on our 16 Articles of Faith and provides questions and answers to learn the key biblical truths we believe. This project is for families with children currently completing grades 3–5.

Catechism is a summary of key doctrines learned through questions and answers!

So, how do you do catechism?
Catechism provides an interactive activity that helps us learn and remember the major truths of Scripture in our hearts and minds. Begin with the first section of the Student Handbook. Read over the questions and answers with your child and then quiz them. Do this consistently for several days until they can recite all the right answers. After they have learned one section, proceed to the next. Review what they have already learned each week. Kids typically love the interaction and the challenge! Make it fun with Family Night activities (see the Parent Handbook for those how-tos)!

Celebrating your accomplishment
After your child has completed all 16 catechism sections at home, make an appointment with Pastor Nathaniel Pearce or Sue Ridge, Zone 345 Coordinator, to approve the work your child has accomplished. Once your child has successfully recited the answers, they will receive a special gift to mark their accomplishment!

Schedule your appointment:

We are glad to schedule time throughout the year as your child completes the project.

We Believe: Catechism — Student HandbookWe Believe: Catechism — Parent Handbook







Click on the book covers to browse or download the digital versions of the Student Handbook and the Parent Handbook. Books are available in print. Please contact Sandy O'Donovan for free copies. 

Contacts: Sandy O'Donovan, 704.341.5323, sodonovan@calvarychurch.com & Pastor Nathaniel Pearce, 704.341.5424, npearce@calvarychurch.com