<p>Songs of Hope @HOME<br />
Spring Worship Concert<br />
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Songs of Hope @HOME
Spring Worship Concert
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Songs of Hope @HOME
with Calvary Worship Ministry

Thank you for joining us for a virtual evening of worship, which featured songs of hope shared from home by members of our Calvary Worship Ministry! 

If you would like to watch it again, the video is posted below.

This world is not what it was meant to be
All this pain, all this suffering
There's a better place waiting for me
In Heaven
Every tear will be wiped away
Every sorrow and sin erased
We'll dance on seas of amazing grace
In Heaven
In Heaven
I'm goin' home
Where the streets are golden
Every chain is broken
Oh I wanna go
Oh I wanna go
Where every fear is gone
I'm in your open arms
Where I belong

— Songwriters: Chris Tomlin / Ed Cash / Jason Ingram / Jonas Carl Gustaf Myrin | Home lyrics © Peermusic Publishing, Warner Chappell Music, Inc

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