<p>Annual Leadership Election<br />
New Elders &amp; Deacons Elected</p>
Annual Leadership Election
New Elders & Deacons Elected

Calvary Leadership Election 2021

We want to thank all of our nominees in the 2021 Leadership Election. We are grateful for everything that each of these men does at Calvary, as well as their dedication to serving the Lord. We appreciate the congregation for taking the time to listen and get to know each candidate before prayerfully taking part in the election on Sunday, January 24. Scripture is clear that the Holy Spirit guides us in choosing elders and deacons for service (Acts 20:28). Following the pattern in Acts 6:1–7, the Calvary congregation has elected the following elders and deacons:

Elders  — Serving 4-year terms
Dennis Abbott
Stephen Abdo
Bill Bailey
Miguel Gonzalez

Deacons — Serving 3-year terms
Jon Allen
Chris Eddings
Ron Engebretsen
Manoj Kothuri
Ryan Smith

For a list of all elders currently serving at Calvary, click HERE.

For a list of all deacons currently serving at Calvary, click HERE.