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Weekly Bible Studies
Elective Courses and
Groups for Men & Women

Bible Studies

Learn and grow with us! Calvary offers a wide variety of Bible studies to help you grow in your knowledge of God’s Word in ways that make a difference in your life. Whether you’re a new believer, a long-time follower of Christ, or just curious to learn more, join us!

Elective courses meet on Wednesday evenings in the fall, winter, and spring. Newcomers are always welcome!

Small group Bible studies for women meet on Tuesday mornings and evenings. Several men's studies are offered throughout the year. Check out the details below.

Adult Life Groups (ALGs) meet to study God’s Word, pray, and share the joys and challenges of life. We have options for all ages, stages of life, and special interests. Click HERE to browse all of our ALGs!

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    Fall Bible Study Electives
    Wednesdays, 6:30–8:00 PM
    NEW! Module 2 begins October 20

    All of us would agree that the world around us is seemingly chaotic. Many would affirm that evil in the world is increasing. The world, the flesh, and the devil are powerful enemies. Nevertheless, a follower of Christ is not to panic, not to despair, not to be angry or afraid, but rather to have faith, endure, press on, and grow in grace and knowledge. 

    This fall, we invite you to be challenged and equipped in God's Word at Calvary! Each of our elective classes looks to Scripture to address the theme, “How Shall We Live?” 

    Module 2: October 20 – November 17 
    Wednesdays, 6:30–8:00 PM
    Choose to attend in person or via Zoom. Please register for a course below.

    The schedule coordinates with Awana and Nursery for kids (please register), IGNITE for students, and worship rehearsal. Note: We will NOT have Fellowship Dinner this fall.

    • In compliance with the new order from Mecklenburg County, MASKS ARE REQUIRED FOR EVERYONE ages 5+, regardless of vaccination status, while indoors at Calvary Church.

    Elective Courses 

    1 & 2 Corinthians: How Shall We Live Within the Church
    Pastor Jim Cashwell  |  Room 238

    Preserving the unity of the Spirit is a key in every church. The church in Corinth, like many churches today, found it difficult to walk in unity as they faced the “voices” of this world. Paul addresses this issue and others in his letters to the Corinthian church. Paul begins by addressing our unifying purpose — to proclaim Christ crucified. Then the apostle walks us through issues that can negatively impact our unity. He teaches the Corinthian church to walk in a spirit of unity and love. You will find your spiritual life strengthened we study 1 & 2 Corinthians together.

    REGISTER for Module 2

    Faith and Culture
    Pastor Sibu Rajappan  |  Room 226
    As our culture becomes increasingly anti-Christian, how should authentic believers live to display and proclaim Christ? How should we think about the issues that we face today? In this class, we will look at the major cultural challenges for believers, learn how Scripture speaks to these issues, and learn how to live counter-culturally.


    Kingdom Parables in 3-D
    Dr. John S. Trent  |  Banquet Room

    This study will declare succinctly, demonstrate scientifically, and decrypt scripturally Jesus’ parabolic teachings concerning the mysteries of the kingdom for those who are walking as "children of light." We are admonished by the apostle Paul to “Look carefully then how you walk, not as unwise but as wise, making the best use of the time because the days are evil. Therefore, do not be foolish, but understand what the will of the Lord is” (Ephesians 5:15–17).

    REGISTER for module 2

    Life in the Spirit
    Pastor Rob Reece  |  Room 232
    Of the three Persons of the Trinity, the Holy Spirit is the most mysterious. Yet, Scripture tells us that we are to “live by the Spirit.” We are called to “set our minds to the things of the Spirit, pray at all times in the Spirit, take up the sword of the Spirit, and be renewed in the Spirit.” But, what does life in the Spirit look like?  How can we experience union with Christ in our daily lives without drifting into spiritualism or mysticism?  This class will help us live a life that is Spirit-led and “filled with all the fullness of God."


    Teaching & Leading Others (Men only)
    Bill Bailey   |  Room 222  [No Zoom option]
    This hands-on class will equip men to lead a small-group Bible study, pray with others, give a compelling personal testimony, and prepare and deliver short devotionals and longer Bible lessons. Participants will have opportunities to practice what they learn and receive constructive feedback, thereby gaining experience and confidence in obeying God’s command to “go and make disciples.” Such training is critical in order for the church to help believers answer the question, “How shall we live?”


    Trusting God Through Your Illness — CancerCare
    Pastor Jim Pile  |  Room 242
    One 11-week session: September 8 – November 17
    Being diagnosed with cancer or going through treatment can be an overwhelming experience. But you are not alone in your journey! How do we live when we hear such life-changing news? Join us with your family. You are also invited if you are dealing with other serious illnesses and/or traumas. You will find great encouragement, strength, and hope through the Word of God, prayer, and group discussion. Please purchase your course materials in advance HERE


    Un Evangelio Transformador – Spanish Bible Study  
    Bill Ogden   |  Room 227
    One 11-week session: September 8 – November 17
    Aunque restringido como prisionero en Roma, el deseo del apóstol Pablo de que los creyentes de las iglesias jóvenes vivieran un Evangelio transformador no falló. Sus cartas a Éfeso y Colosas primero establecen el fundamento cristiano para la vida y luego proceden a la aplicación práctica. Haremos un estudio comparativo utilizando cada carta para ayudarnos a comprender mejor una y aplicar la otra.

    A Transforming Gospel 
    Although a prisoner in Rome, the apostle Paul’s desire for the believers in these young churches to live out the Gospel did not fail. His letters to Ephesus and Colossae established the Christian foundations for life and offered a practical application for its readers. This class will do a comparative study of Ephesians and Colossians to help us better understand these texts and apply their principles to our lives.


    Wednesday Night Prayer Ongoing
    Paul Hundrieser   |  Room 401 & Via Zoom
    You're invited to join us each Wednesday evening for prayer throughout the year. We pray for each other, Calvary Church, our community, our nation, and our world during this time. We meet continually throughout the year. We will meet in Room 401 and via Zoom. Sign up below to receive the Zoom credentials for our virtual meeting each week! We will continue to monitor the status of the pandemic and update you with any changes.


    Questions about Bible study electives?
    Contacts: Pastor Rob Reece, 704.887.3696, rreece@calvarychurch.com
    Debbie Bordwine, 704.341.5328, dbordwine@calvarychurch.com

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    Women's Fall Bible Studies
    Tuesdays,  Sept 7 – Nov 16
    Now via Zoom

    Ladies, we invite you to be part of our Women’s Bible Studies at Calvary. There are many courses available, and you're sure to find a place to grow spiritually and connect with friends. Newcomers are always welcome!

    We meet on Tuesdays at 9:30 AM or 7:00 PM. 

    All classes will initially meet via Zoom. As we continue to monitor the pandemic, we will keep you updated on any plans to shift to in-person meetings on campus. Instructors will email you the Zoom credentials after you register.

    Tuesday Morning Classes

    September 7 – November 16
    9:30 AM–Noon

    REGISTER FOR AM classes

    Better: A Study of Hebrews
    by Jen Wilkin
    Teacher: Judy Trexler  
    In this verse-by-verse study of the book of Hebrews, we will see how God “provided something better for us” (Hebrews 11:40) through the unsurpassed superiority of Jesus Christ. Through Him alone, we have a better hope, a better high priest, a better covenant, a better sacrifice, a better sanctuary… a better everything! In Christ, believers have a saving faith that changes our relationship and responsibility to God, others, and ourselves. Let us fix our eyes and hearts on the resurrected Christ as we run the race set before us. Cost: $20

    Unveiling the Book of Revelation, Part 2
    by Kay Arthur
    Teacher: Jackie Schaffer  
    This Precept study of the book of Revelation focuses on chapters 4–22 (Part 1 is not a prerequisite). Discover exactly what God says will take place in the end times as we learn about His heavenly throne, seven seals, four horsemen, and the new heaven and earth. Not only is the book of Revelation the climax of the entire Bible, but it is the summation of God’s master plan for the salvation of mankind. Please join us as we take an in-depth look at this important Word from the Lord Jesus, and learn how to live in light of it. Cost: $27

    The God You May Not Know
    by Dr. David Jeremiah
    Teacher: Rometa Arrington  
    Knowing about someone is not the same as knowing the person himself. Trying to comprehend the person of God is like trying to capture all the galaxies of the universe in a child’s prism. Yet God seeks to be known; He reveals Himself in His creation and His Holy Word. Let's learn how to love Him more, know Him better, and make Him known. As our Lord Jesus Christ prayed on the final night of His earthly life, “This is eternal life, that they may know You, the only true God, and Jesus Christ whom you have sent” (John 17:3). Cost: $15

    God of Deliverance: A Study of Exodus 1–18
    by Jen Wilken
    Teacher: Betty Farynyk  
    The exodus of the Israelites shapes our understanding of the whole Bible and contains themes that reverberate all the way to Revelation. Exodus is the birth narrative of a nation unmistakably guided by the great Deliverer. This in-depth study shows us that Israel’s story is our story: the same God who delivered Israel also delivers all those He loves from slavery to sin and from service to the pharaohs of this world. He lifts our eyes to the Promised Land He has prepared where we will dwell with I AM and worship Him as the one true God. Class includes video teaching and group discussion. Cost: $20

    Israel and the Church
    by Amir Tsarfati
    Teacher: Mary Beth Hohman  
    This study provides a fascinating look at all God has prepared for His two peoples — and why it’s so relevant to us today! To truly grasp Bible prophecy, we must first understand how God’s promises to Israel complement His vision for the Church. While some believe God has forsaken Israel for the Church, this goes against the nature of the faithful Lord we find in Scripture. Hear what the Bible says about God’s unique master plans for His two chosen groups, Israel and the Church, and how these apply to our lives today. Cost: $15

    1 Thessalonians
    by Nav Press Life Change
    Teacher: Jan Adams  
    The new believers in Thessalonica maintained their faith in the face of persecution but misunderstood the second coming of Christ. Hoping to correct it, the apostle Paul sent instructions about how to live in anticipation of their Lord’s return. In his letter to them, 1 Thessalonians, Paul's teaching provides helpful guidance for all Christ-followers on what it means to live as a Christian in the face of an uncertain world and the certainty of Christ’s return. This is a two-semester course. Cost: $13

    Tuesday Evening Classes

    September 7 – November 16
    7:00–9:00 PM

    REGISTER for PM classes

    Praying Women
    by Sheila Walsh
    Teacher: Cheri Strahm
    Does God really answer prayer? Is it worth our time and consistent effort? Yes! Prayer is one of the most powerful, life-changing things we can do. This study offers practical help from God’s Word on how to pray, what to say, and how to watch for God’s answers. You can become a woman of prayer! You can learn to pray and not worry, let go of the past, and stand firmly on God’s promises for you now. Cost: $15

    Israel and the Church
    by Amir Tsarfati
    Teacher: Mary Beth Hohman 
    This study provides a fascinating look at all God has prepared for His two peoples — and why it’s so relevant to us today! To truly grasp Bible prophecy, we must first understand how God’s promises to Israel complement His vision for the Church. While some believe God has forsaken Israel for the Church, this goes against the nature of the faithful Lord we find in Scripture. Hear what the Bible says about God’s unique master plans for His two chosen groups, Israel and the Church, and how these apply to our lives today. Cost: $15

    Women's Ministry Contacts:
    Pastor Nathaniel Pearce, 704.341.5424, npearce@calvarychurch.com
    Jennifer Sharpless, 704.341.5417, jsharpless@calvarychurch.com
    Jenna Mascia, 704.517.6606, jmascia@live.com




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    Men's Fall Bible Studies
    Monday & Tuesday AM & PM 
    September 7 – December 21
    Now via Zoom

    Join the Men of Calvary for these weekly Bible studies — choose an early morning or evening group! Enrich your faith, grow in your knowledge of God's Word, become accountable in discipleship, and enjoy great fellowship. Newcomers are always welcome!

    Classes will begin the semester via Zoom. Teachers will email the Zoom credentials to their course participants. We will continue to monitor the status of the pandemic and update you with any changes.

    Check out the Fall 2021 studies below and register now!

    Monday Morning Studies

    Mondays, 6:30–7:30 AM  |  September 13 – December 6

    The Gospel of John
    Via Zoom | Tom Miller

    For many of us, this is the first book that we opened as new believers in Christ. The fundamentals of the faith and the divinity of Jesus are so clearly presented in the Gospel of John! In our verse-by-verse study, we'll focus on the message and life application — along with open discussion. You'll receive a lesson plan each week. So come and fellowship in His word with us. Please have your Bible handy!


    Mondays, 7:00–8:00 AM  |  September 13 – December 20

    The Book of Isaiah
    Via Zoom  |  Dave Wentink

    This fall, we will begin a new study in the book of Isaiah. We will learn of God’s love for Israel and key prophecies of the coming Messiah. We will use the Navigator Isaiah (LifeChange) study guide, which includes discussion questions designed to challenge us to draw practical life applications. The study guide will be available for $10, so grab your Bible and join us! 


    Tuesday Morning Studies

    Tuesdays, 6:30–7:30 AM  |  September 7 – November 16

    Jeremiah, Part 2
    Via Zoom  | Terrill Nelson & Doug Harper

    As we continue to explore the life, times, and events around the prophet Jeremiah, we find that the culture of his day reflects some similarities with ours. Jeremiah encountered corrupt political and religious leaders and people trapped in a failing system — all while surrounded by powerful, sinister enemies. We’ll explore the intrigue and the suspense of foolish kings, prophets, and foreign world powers, as well as the judgment and mercy of God. Order course materials HERE.


    The Battle Plan for Prayer
    Via Zoom  |  Jeff Arrington & Sy Pugh

    This fall, we will continue our quest to develop a deeper walk with God through prayer as we seek His help for our daily battles. Topics will include: what prayer is, why God wants us to pray, specific areas of prayer, specific strategies for prayer, and more. Our primary resource will be the Bible, but we will also use the Battle Plan for Prayer study guide to help us create a personal prayer strategy. Join us and learn how to be specific and strategic in your prayer life! Order course materials HERE.


    Tuesday Evening Study

    Tuesdays, 7:00–9:00 PM  |  September 7 – December 21

    The Gospel of John
    Via Zoom  | Team Teachers

    “…but these are written so that you may believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God and that by believing you may have life in his name” (John 20:31).  Please join us for a conversational, line-by-line study of this life-changing story of Jesus Christ. Come to know the Great I AM. We will use the Life Change study guide. Order course materials HERE. Contact: Wayne Hackbarth, 704.641.3472, lovingminthill@gmail.com


    Contacts: Pastor Nathaniel Pearce, 704.341.5424, npearce@calvarychurch.com & Helen Stewart, 704.887.3681, hstewart@calvarychurch.com

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    Daily Bible Reading Plan
    Join us on a chronological journey
    through God's Word

    At Calvary, preaching and teaching the Word of God is central to who we are as a church family, and it is essential that each one of us spends time reading the Bible every day.

    In 2021, we're in year one of a two-year daily Bible reading plan that takes us chronologically through the Bible!  If you've always wanted to read the entire Bible and get a big-picture perspective through history, this reading plan is a great option.

    Download the PDF below. Or stop by the Welcome Desk in the Galleria to pick up a copy to keep in your Bible.















    Download the 2020 plan as a PDF