<p>Middle School Family Connection<br />
This week&#39;s Bible focus</p>
Middle School Family Connection
This week's Bible focus

This Sunday: Family Connection

Family Connection is where we share our Middle School Ministry Bible lesson focus each week. Follow along at home for personal study and family devotions.

Study focus for the week of Sunday, July 5
Scripture: Haggai 1:2-6,12-13; 2:6-9

Session Summary: In this letter to the Israelites, God warned them that their delayed obedience in reconstructing the temple resulted in their own lack of personal fulfillment. They were attempting to place their comfort ahead of obedience to God, but there was a further failure. They assumed that they knew better than God and did the opposite of what would actually lead to their flourishing. The word of the Lord was heard, and the people responded in faith and obedience. Finally, God spoke once again and promised the provision of the rebuilding of the temple, which included His immeasurable peace.

Conversation Questions: 

  • Why is delayed obedience considered just as wrong as disobedience?
  • What are some ways that our family has delayed our obedience to God?
  • How has our family experienced a lack of personal fulfillment when seeking our own way of doing things rather than God's way?
  • How have we experienced God’s peace in our lives?

Family Challenge: Spend some time as a family talking about the areas in your life where God is asking you to obey. He may be calling your family to do something as a whole, or He may be calling each of you as individuals to obey in a certain way. Encourage each person to write down on a note card or sticky note how they need to obey God this week. Pray over those things as a family and then encourage each other to follow through as the week goes on. Don’t delay, obey!

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