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<em>Our Bible focus for May 19</em><br />
High School Family Connection
Our Bible focus for May 19

High School Family Connection

Welcome families! This is where we share the lesson summary that corresponds with our High School Ministry Wednesday night Bible teaching each week. Follow along at home for personal study and discussion time with your family devotions. We post a new lesson every Thursday.

Study focus for May 19
Scripture:  Acts 13:1-12

Session Summary:

We find the early church worshiping and fasting together in the opening verses of Acts 13. Fasting is giving up something you love for someone you love more. It typically involves giving up some kind of food, although some may give up other things for a season as well (like TV or social media). It is a physical way of expressing a hunger for God and a longing to be filled with Him. Fasting demonstrates a dependence upon God to sustain and satisfy you. As such, fasting is often coupled with an increase in prayer and worship. In that spiritual context, we are more spiritually sensitive to hear God’s voice and follow His direction. Through their fasting and worship, God called Barnabas and Paul to be sent out as missionaries.

When God spoke, these Christians responded with action. Every follower of Jesus has a role to play in the Great Commission. We must ask ourselves what we can do to join the mission. It may be as simple as getting a list of missionaries to pray over on a weekly basis. It may involve connecting with your student pastor or a church leader who oversees mission trips at your church. Whatever it looks like in your context, take some action steps toward obeying the Great Commission.

Conversation Questions: 

  • What can we fast as a family?

  • What are things that may hold us back from following God’s direction as Paul and Barnabas did?
  • How can we get more involved in the mission locally?
  • How can we engage in the Great Commission internationally?

Family Challenge: 

Pair up to research a missionary from church history and give a short presentation to the rest of your family about them. When did they live, where were they from, and where did they go? We can be inspired to live in the mission when we see the examples of those who came before us. After the presentations, discuss what you can do to either go on a mission trip as a family or support missionaries through your church.

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