<p>Parenting Conference<br />
Protecting the Heart of Your Child<br />
Sunday, August 25&nbsp;|&nbsp;3:00&ndash;6:00 PM<br />
<em>Walk-ins are welcome (click for details)</em></p>
Parenting Conference
Protecting the Heart of Your Child
Sunday, August 25 | 3:00–6:00 PM
Walk-ins are welcome (click for details)

Protecting the Heart of Your Child —
A Biblical Parenting Conference

Sunday, August 25  |  3:00 – 6:00 PM, Calvary Life Center

Families are constantly exposed to the world's perspective on gender, sexuality, and marriage. As parents and grandparents, what are we to believe? What and when are we to teach our kids? How do we protect the hearts of our children?

Calvary Family Ministry is committed to equipping you with information and resources through all ages and stages of your child's developmental years. Senior Pastor John Munro will be our keynote speaker, sharing the biblical view on these important topics in our opening session.

Conference sessions:

  • "The Biblical View of Gender, Sex, and Marriage" 
    — with Pastor Munro
  • "What to Say to Your Children and When"
    — breakout sessions for parents of preschool, grade school, teens, & adults 
  • "Understanding Guys and Girls and How to Treat Them"
    — breakout sessions about teaching/training sons & daughters 
  • "Parameters for Phones, Privacy, Peers, and Dating"
    —  panel discussion on key issues

You’ll receive practical biblical insights, guidance, and resources!

Walk-ins are welcome! Cost at the door will be $15/person or $20/couple.

Childcare to 5th grade is provided for pre-registrants. Please note that childcare is now full; thank you for understanding!

Contacts: Pastor Rodney Navey, 704.341.5448, rnavey@calvarychurch.com or Erika Morton, 704.341.5331, emorton@calvarychurch.com