<p>Reformation Tour &amp; Passion Play&nbsp;2022<br />
with Pastor Munro &amp; Gudny<br />
Reformation Tour & Passion Play 2022
with Pastor Munro & Gudny

Where Tradition Encountered Truth


Protestant Reformation Tour featuring the Passion Play
Germany & Switzerland Trip, 2022
With Pastor John & Gudny Munro

July 21 – August 2, 2022

Join Pastor Munro and Gudny on a once-in-a-lifetime adventure, as you explore the development of the German and Swiss Protestant church movement and witness the Oberammergau Passion Play.

Tour Highlights:

  • Visit the church where Luther nailed his Ninety-Five Theses
  • Explore the village of Wittenberg, known as the "Mother of the Reformation"
  • Drive through Germany's scenic Romantic Road and the stunning Swiss Alps
  • Spend the night in Rothenburg, a picturesque medieval walled city
  • Enjoy the city of Oberammergau and the special presentation of the Passion Play 
  • Tour Wartburg Castle where Martin Luther lived after he was declared a heretic
  • Ride a boat on Lake Geneva and tour the city known as "Protestant Rome"
  • Learn about reformers like Martin Luther, John Calvin, and Huldrych Zwingli

Contact: Michele Davies, 704.341.5331, mdavies@calvarychurch.com