<p>Wayumi Expedition<br />
Tribal Missions Summer Camp<br />
July 16&ndash;21 <em>for high school students</em></p>
Wayumi Expedition
Tribal Missions Summer Camp
July 16–21 for high school students

Wayumi Expedition

Wayumi is a tribal missions camp experience for high school students! 

Wayumi Expedition
Ethnos360 Tribal Missions Camp
July 16–21

in Pennsylvania

Wayumi Expedition participants will engage in a jungle-like setting in Pennsylvania, where Calvary students will be part of a larger group of 70. We will learn about language, culture, Bible translation, and evangelism from veteran missionaries. We'll spend afternoons competing in theme-based games based on what we learn each morning, as well as swimming and other fun activities. Evenings will be spent singing around the campfire and hearing the Word of God.

Groups will stay in "Jungle Camp" — a woodland setting in rustic cabins. We will sleep in South American hammocks. Be sure to bring a sleeping bag because of the cool nights!

  • Student cost is $100 for camp

Join us and discover how you can help reach isolated people groups who have never heard the Gospel! 

Contact: Vince Eaton, 704.341.5322, veaton@calvarychurch.com or Pastor Jim Cashwell, 704.533.2700, jcashwell@calvarychurch.com