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<i>Use the online form here</i></p>
My Faith Promise
Use the online form here

My Faith Promise

Prepare your RWG Faith Promise card as Calvary Church prepares to reach out, welcome in, and grow deeper for the glory of God!

  • Complete and submit your confidential Faith Promise online below:


  • Pray that God will lead you to give according to the blessings that He has given you.
  • Study the material provided for the campaign, and if you have questions, contact an elder, pastor, or another Calvary leader for clarification.
  • Determine what you will give in total over the three years of the campaign, in addition to your regular offerings — this will be your Faith Promise.
  • Consider what portion of your Faith Promise can be offered now as an “initial gift.” Larger initial gifts will significantly reduce Calvary’s need to borrow for construction and reduce the overall financing costs for the project.
  • Complete the Faith Promise card, including the “Giver Information” section. This information will be kept confidential.
  • Fill in the six lines which outline the amount and time frame in which you plan to fulfill your Faith Promise. The last line is the total of all time periods.
  • Sign your card.
  • You may use offering envelopes, mailed checks, or online giving (one-time or recurring scheduled gifts to the "Building Expansion Project") to fulfill your Faith Promise over the next three years.