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Be a Light
Neighborhood Outreach

"Be a Light" in your neighborhood

Do you desire to reach out to your neighbors with the Gospel? Do you sometimes struggle to be intentional? Do you want to be better equipped and more effective?

"Be a Light" is a ministry that will encourage and equip you to be a light in your neighborhood. This ministry uses a free tool at BlessEveryHome.com and utilizes the PRAY, CARE, SHARE, and DISCIPLE strategy to help you reach your neighbors with the Gospel of Jesus Christ intentionally.

We provide training to help you learn these strategies for relationship building, sharing the Gospel conversationally, and making disciples in your neighborhood. This training covers four key areas:

  • Being the Light
  • Articulating the Gospel
  • Turning everyday conversations into spiritual ones
  • Putting it into practice

"Be a Light" will also provide you:

  • Encouraging devotionals, tips, resources, and testimonies
  • On-demand training to help you navigate through objections or obstacles
  • Training and curriculum to lead a seeker to Christ through discovery Bible study

Questions? Contact: Pastor Sibu Rajappan, 704.341.5336, srajappan@calvarychurch.com or Ray Caggiano, 704.806.5801, rcaggiano33@gmail.com.