<p>Kids Choir<br />
Grades 1&ndash;5</p>
Kids Choir
Grades 1–5

Kids Choir

NextGen Choirs are now on Summer Break — join us in September for the new season!

In Calvary Kids Choir, children in grades 1–5 learn to worship our great God while developing musical skills and knowledge of basic music theory and techniques. We sing in worship services and special concerts throughout the year.

We rehearse during scheduled Sunday evening services at 6:00 PM. We will NOT meet every Sunday. Because we have a limited schedule, please plan to attend every rehearsal.

Sign in at the kiosks to receive a nametag for your child. Children should attend the opening portion of the worship service with their parents. They will be dismissed to the Choir Room from the service. Kids Choir will use the "piano side" stairwell to get to the Choir Room.

Contacts: Chelsea Jones, 704.341.5435, cjones@calvarychurch.com & Christy Pressley, 704.887.3687, cpressley@calvarychurch.com