<p>Elective Bible Studies<br />
Wednesdays through May 8<br />
6:30&ndash;8:00 PM</p>
Elective Bible Studies
Wednesdays through May 8
6:30–8:00 PM

Elective Bible Studies

Wednesdays, April 10 – May 8
6:30–8:00 PM

Join us on Wednesday evenings this spring for five weeks to dive deeply into God’s Word! Expect to grow in your knowledge and understanding of the Bible and to be challenged to apply biblical truth to your life! 
Be sure to arrive early to enjoy Fellowship Dinner in the Crown Room. In addition, children’s Bible Clubs (Awana & Gopher Buddies) continue on the same schedule, as well as IGNITE for students.

Online registration is now closed, but walk-ins are welcome at any time!

The Book of Galatians — No Other Gospel
with Pastor Jim Cashwell
Room 238 & via Zoom

As believers, we are called to liberty in Christ Jesus. Through the Gospel, we learn to live and to relate to others. This class will explore Paul’s letter to the church in Galatia. Join us as we learn about the “one true Gospel” and how to live in the freedom of the Good News.

Religious Sects of the New Testament
with Pastor Nathaniel Pearce
Room 232 & via Zoom

As the New Testament era unfolds with the early life and ministry of Jesus, we see five religious sects and their opposition to Jesus. Most of these sects were not present in the Old Testament. What are these religious sects, and from where did they come? What did they believe, and what systems formed the corpus of their creed? Why are these sects often seen opposing the person, nature, work, and miracles of Jesus? Why did God allow them to exist? This course will help provide answers to these and many other questions.

Ecclesiastes: Chapters 7–12
with Pastor Jim Pile
Room 402 & via Zoom

Join us for this riveting study in the book of Ecclesiastes. The kingly sage warns us that a life lived apart from God is futile emptiness. He declares in Ecclesiastes 1:1 that “All is vanity” to express that all earthly goals and ambitions, when pursued as ends in themselves, lead to disappointment and frustration. True wisdom, on the other hand, involves seeing life from a divine perspective. Learn Solomon’s wise counsel for living in a world of vanity.

Paul’s Letter to the Church in Philippi: An Epistle of Joy
With Pastor Rob Reece
Banquet Room & via Zoom

Someone once said, “If Christianity does not make a man joyful, it will not make him anything at all.” To be sure, joy, contentment, and patience should be characteristic of the follower of Christ, even in suffering. Join us and learn about Paul’s passion for Christ, the Church, and ministry in this epistle of joy.

Be A Light
with Pastor Sibu Rajappan
Room 401 & via Zoom

Do you desire to reach out to your neighbors and friends with the Gospel? Do you sometimes struggle to be intentional? Would you like to be more effective? This training will encourage and equip you to be a light in your neighborhood, utilizing a simple strategy to help you reach your neighbors with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Get details >

The Gospel According to Rome
with Bill Bailey
Room 226 & via Zoom

The Roman Catholic Church claims to be “the sole Church of Christ” and says that those who believe in justification by faith alone, apart from works, are accursed. Scripture, on the other hand, says, “A person is not justified by works of the law but through faith in Jesus Christ” (Galatians 2:16) and that those preaching a contrary gospel are accursed (Galatians 1:8, 9). This elective will compare the doctrine of the Roman Catholic Church with Scripture to highlight the serious differences that separate Rome from true biblical Christianity.

Spiritual Warfare: Battling the Unseen
with Miguel Gonzalez
Room 233 & via Zoom

We are in a real battle with a real enemy. If we are going to be victorious, we need to understand what Scripture teaches about the person and work of the one with whom we are at war, the source of our power, the foundations for victory, and the spiritual armor God has provided. Join us in studying our battle with the powers and principalities in the heavenly places. 

Spanish Bible Study   
with Bill Ogden
Room 227 & via Zoom

We meet on Wednesday evenings to meditate on God’s word and apply it to our personal and family life from our Latin-American experience. This group is taught in Spanish without translation.

Estudio Bíblico en Español | Salón 227
Enseñada en español, esta clase estudiará I y II Pedro y se centrará en "Vivir el Evangelio en tiempos turbulentos." 

Wednesday Night Prayer
with Bob Lanning
Room 228 & via Zoom

Please join us each Wednesday evening. During this time, we will pray for each other, Calvary Church, our community, our nation, and our world. We meet continually throughout the year.

Contacts: Pastor Rob Reece, rreece@calvarychurch.com & Debbie Bordwine, dbordwine@calvarychurch.com