Calvary Governance & Elections

At Calvary, our governing body is the Session, comprised of our elders and the Senior Pastor (a non-voting moderator). Elders are active, non-employee members of Calvary Church and are elected by the congregation to serve four-year terms. 

The Session's duties include leading the congregation in pursuing Calvary's mission, providing spiritual and financial oversight to the body and ministries, and managing all church property. The work of the Session is accomplished mainly through its regular monthly meetings and its committees, which are chaired by elders. In addition, the Session utilizes its Finance Committee to oversee the church's financial affairs. An independent auditor conducts an annual financial audit.

Calvary holds a publicized annual congregational meeting each year to review our financials as a church family and review any recent developments or upcoming plans. Also, any amendments to our church constitution are subject to approval by our members and would be voted on at that time.

Newcomers are encouraged to attend our regularly occurring Calvary Membership Course. Pastor Munro leads the classes to provide a personal introduction to Calvary, our beliefs, and our organization. All participants receive a copy of our Core Documents (which include our Mission, Purpose, Articles of Faith, and Constitution) as part of the class materials. 

Annual Congregational Meeting


  • The 2023 annual congregational meeting was held on Sunday, August 6, 2023, at 11:15 AM in the Sanctuary after the worship service.

Annual Election


Following the pattern in Acts 6:1–7, the Calvary congregation identifies potential candidates for elder and deacon through the nomination process. The serving elders then review the candidates according to biblical qualifications and present qualifying candidates to the congregation for election. Scripture is clear that the Holy Spirit guides us in choosing elders and deacons for service (Acts 20:28).

Elders serve for 4-year terms, and deacons serve 3-year terms.

A nomination form is provided to the congregation on our website and via the Looking Up email newsletter. Paper copies are also made available. Similarly, candidate profiles are made available to the congregation in preparation for the election.

Calvary Church members ages 18+ who are in attendance on campus for the election are eligible to vote. No absentee ballots are accepted.

Thank you for your prayerful consideration and participation in the leadership election process!

Contact: Michele Davies, 704.341.5331,